Strawberry Fields Farm currently offers fruit, vegetables, herbs, and eggs.


Carol Royal began making plans to start Strawberry Fields Farm in 2010, after she bought the farm, and its beautiful, but dilapidated farm house and barns. She quickly cleared out honesuckle, wild rose, Japanese Knotweed and other invasives from historic gardens. Along the way, she found treasures like antique roses, strawberry plants and a love letter from 1928. She also found out that the farm started off life as a dairy farm in the 19th century. 



In April 2017, Carol sold the farm to local Sherman residents Samantha & William Butts.  Samantha and William were 2017 CSA participants and on their visits to pick up their share fell in love with the farm. While they are excited about this new chapter in their life, and passionately love the farm,  Samantha and William are currently figuring out exactly what will work best at the farm.  While we currently offer eggs, herbs, produce and all types of berries:  strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, black raspberries, blackberries  and pink champagne currants, please check back as we will be updating our offerings.  Soon to be offered for summer are sorbets (both with sugar and sugar-free) made fresh from our delicious berries!



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